evaporator 2

At Matthews Maple Syrup we have 15,000 taps on plastic tubing which runs by pipeline to our modern maple syrup operation by vacuum and pumping station. Sap is stored in stainless steel tig welded tanks. Reverse osmosis is used to take a percentage of the water out of the sap before evaporation. We have an 80hp oil fired steam boiler which generates steam that boils the sap in stainless steel tig welded evaporator pans. All syrup is filtered through filter presses, and checked for density with a refractrometer. The syrup is then packed into 32 gallon barrels or processed through our bottling unit for retail. Some of our syrup is taken to the kitchen to be processed into other products such as maple butter, maple sugar or taffy.

We are federally inspected, and licensed to export maple syrup. Our maple syrup has been federally tested and the results show no lead levels in our maple syrup.  Our equipment is all tig welded stainless steel.