A cast iron kettle used for boiling syrup

Dave’s father Bill Matthews would have boiled maple syrup in cast iron kettles much like this.

Our family history of producing maple syrup started back in the 1920’s when grandpa Foreshew tapped trees on his farm in the Loring area.  Bill Matthews, Dave’s father tapped in the 1930’s and by 1959 when he passed away he had 400 taps in his sugarbush on the north road in Loring. Dave’s brother John took over their father’s operation and is still producing in the Loring area.

In 1979 Dave and Audrey  bought 30 acres of bush on the  Ski Hill Rd. west of Powassan. In the spring of 1980 they had 50 buckets and a homemade 2′ x 6′ open evaporator in our driveway. In 1987 we purchased the adjacent 30 acres and changed from 500 buckets to 500 taps on pipeline. Over the years the number of taps steadily increased from 500 to  3,000.  In the mid 90’s we converted the evaporator from wood to oil and added a reverse osmosis machine.

In 1998 we started an expansion project and cover a total of 200 acres with 15,000 taps.