New season, new grading system

The first of this years syrup came of our evaporator last Saturday. Since then we have made over 2,000L of fresh maple syrup.

This year you may notice that our grades of syrup have changed, to match the new standards proposed by the International Maple Syrup Institute (IMSI), and recently adopted by the Canadian Federal  government. These new syrup grades will become a new international standard, with maple syrup produced in Ontario, Quebec, as well as the New England region of the United States all selling syrup under the same grading system. As Matthews Maple Syrup is federally licensed, we will begin transitioning to the new syrup grading during the 2015 season.

Below is a guide regarding the changes in grade. When you visit, we encourage you to have a taste of the different grades of syrup to determine which is your favourite. .

The new grading system