Update from the sugar shack

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In these cold days of winter, we’ve been busy in the sugar shack making some of our products ahead of the season.

To date, we have made barbeque sauce, maple butter, and have a bit of a head start on the maple taffy. We’ve also made some of our other products like maple meat rub, sugar candies, and as of last weekend, maple suckers.

In addition to the products, we have also done some work to the sugar shack itself to add (a little) more space to the store area by raising the attic tank (which stores the sap which has gone through our reverse osmosis (R.O)) a couple of feet up. We are also getting a little bit more technological, and come syrup season, we will be able to monitor the pump station from the sugar shack via video.

Typically we try to start tapping in mid-February, with the aim of being tapped by the 1st of March. This year the weather doesn`t seem to be co-operating, and we have yet to start tapping.