Tapping Ceremony – March 8th

Saturday, March 8th is the Official Tapping Ceremony at Matthews Maple Syrup! We will have two teams of horses giving sleigh rides through the sugarbush, we will do taffy on the ice, and although it’s still too cold for the sap to run (will this winter ever end?), and just like every year we’ve been working hard this winter filling our shelves with our value-added products such as maple butter, BBQ sauce, red pepper jelly and granulated sugar.

The Town Crier will be here and local dignitaries will be tapping some trees at 1:00. The Lion’s Club will be selling hotdogs and sausages on a bun as well.

Tony Riley driving his team of horses through the sugarbush

Come enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the sugarbush!

Maple Sugar Products

Maple Sugar Candies, Granulated Maple Sugar, Cinnamon Maple Sugar and Maple Sprinkles… Syrup isn’t the only way to enjoy Mapley Goodness!

Blossom and Sadie

Blossom and Sadie getting ready for a sleigh ride!